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Welcome to Triptique Travel - Expert service with a personal touch

Why Choose Us?

  • A travel manager will develop a personal, dedicated relationship with you.
  • Deliverable savings.
  • 24 hour assistance, 365 days a year for every client!
  • Excellent, professional and unique service to you as our VALUED client.
  • Transparency and competitive pricing.
  • We HONESTLY do care about our clients’ experiences and will ALWAYS strive to surpass your expectations

Our Vision

  • We aim to provide a complete, warm, friendly and stress-free travel solution to suit all your needs.
  • We strive to meet and surpass all your expectations and provide you with service excellence and sound advice which we have gained from our travel managers’ combined years of experience in the travel industry.
  • We endeavour to give each and every client that personal and professional touch.
  • Triptique Travel commits to provide a fast, efficient and convenient service.
  • Triptique Travel commits to negotiating the very best rates available to you.
  • Triptique Travel will always take your travel personal preferences into account. 

Our Services

  • Professional travel advice for both your leisure and corporate needs.
  • Where possible we will attend to your enquiry within a 2 hour turnaround time though we strive to surpass this expectation.
  • A minimum of 3 (three) travel options will be provide to you from which you can compare value for money, most economical and most convenient options.
  • We can provide flights at the best rates due to our competitive contracts directly with the airlines.
  • Our services include any changes, cancellations and refunds you may wish to make with any existing bookings with NO service charges.
  • We can provide accommodation at the best rates due to our competitive contracts directly with hotels of your choice. ·         Car Hire / transfers / foreign exchange advice / travel insurance.
  • We are able to process visas on your behalf where possible, otherwise give you advice on how to proceed with your visa applications.
  • Corporate rates on flights, car hire and accommodation for corporate clients.
  • A choice of different payment options.
  • Additional unique benefits and personalised complimentary services.

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