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Introducing Flexiroam X
If you?ve ever travelled outside your home country, you know all about cell roaming. You have a few choices for keeping in touch with family, friends and clients.

Pay exorbitant roaming fees to your service provider.
Buy a local SIM card and top it up with airtime and data.
Hope that enough hotels, restaurants and cafes offer free wi-fi.
Get yourself a Flexiroam X microchip.

The Flexiroam X microchip is a seamless, ultra-thin sticker that allows you to enjoy international data roaming in more than 120 countries at a flat rate. This microchip eliminates the need for multiple SIM cards as it searches for, and connects to, a local service provider

Flexiroam X also offers high-speed 3G or 4G connection. With this international data roaming service, you also get to make landline calls.

How does it work?
All you have to do is stick the microchip onto your existing SIM card, download the Flexiroam X app, and connect to Flexiroam X via the mobile app whenever you travel.

With Flexiroam X, you can surf the internet with international data roaming services anytime and anywhere you go.

Why choose Flexiroam?
The Flexiroam X microchip is made with top international quality components that offer lifetime usage. With just one purchase you can use it for as long as you want. It is sold at a flat rate regardless of your location and an honest price is guaranteed.

The great news is that this data roaming service is securely encrypted to ensure that you can safely connect to the internet without any risks of a breach of privacy. This affordable international data roaming microchip makes travelling much more convenient.

The Mobile Flexiroam X App
The mobile app has been designed to be user-friendly. You can check your data balance and reload or instantly top up your account. In case of emergencies, you get to make landline calls too via the app. You can check the connection status and the network provider you are connected to. With this data roaming service, you get to choose which local network provider you?d like to be connected to.

Source: Business Traveller Africa
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